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Bent Circle Design was started nearly two years ago to help small businesses create an online presence.  Since then we have helped organizations, restaurants, and even bloggers create beautiful, user-friendly websites that can be managed by the owners.  This has allowed our customers to utilize a website without the need of an actual "IT Guy."

Our Costs are kept low by utilizing industry standard services that our end-users are already familiar with.  Business owners and entrepreneurs not only receive a website but they also receive someone who will help them utilize their website to the best of their abilities and beyond!

We have been able to create amazing websites at  reasonable costs at the same time allowing customers to edit the content as they need to. We hope we can do the same for you!

We offer a number of features and services which you can see on our Services Page!

We are verified on Thumbstack (a great place to find all types of services) - see us there too: Specializing in Website Design and Management