Let us create and manage an amazing home for you!!


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REM 36 was started nearly three years ago to help you manage and build your amazing homes and rental units.  Since then we have helped numerous individuals help build and manage their homes!

Our Costs are kept low by utilizing industry standard services that our end-users are already familiar with.  We offer a number of features and services which you can see on our Services Page!


Maintain and Repair Properties

Keep your properties in top condition with regular maintenance and prompt repairs. Ensure all aspects, from landscaping to HVAC systems, are professionally managed. Address any issues quickly to prevent further damage and maintain property value. Find beautiful furnishings to help ensure a comfortable home for your tenants

Manage Tenants Effectively

Attract and screen reliable tenants for your properties. Handle all tenant inquiries, complaints, and requests efficiently, ensuring a smooth and positive tenant experience. Manage lease agreements, renewals, and terminations with full compliance to legal and contractual obligations.

Oversee Financial Management

Take control of rent collection, budgeting, and expense management for your properties. Provide detailed financial reports to keep you informed about income, expenses, and overall financial health. Ensure timely payments of property-related bills, taxes, and insurance premiums.